Iceland's Magical Northern Lights

Experience the "land of fire and ice" and chase the aurora borealis across an ethereal wonderland. In the dark of the night, search for the northern lights as you drift along on an evening starlit cruise. Travel the "Golden Circle," home to renowned natural wonders, and spend time at Thingvellir National Park, gaze at Gullfoss waterfall, and see the explosive geothermal fields at Geysir. Explore SkOgar Museum and see traditional turf-built homes. Walk on a black volcanic sand beach. See JOkulsArlOn glacial lagoon filled with floating icebergs. Relax in the warm, mineral-rich water of the Blue Lagoon. Spend your days surrounded by natural wonders and your nights in search of the elusive dancing lights.

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7 Days
Day 1ReykjavikYou're on your way to Iceland, a land and culture forged by fire and ice. Where steaming lava fields and massive glaciers sculpt mountains and valleys, leaving thundering waterfalls and plunging fjords. In this land of many natural wonders, enjoy the rare opportunity to search for the aurora borealis - one of nature's most dazzling light displays, also known as the northern lights.*
Day 2ReykjavikWelcome to Iceland's capital city, ReykjavIk. Make yourself comfortable at your hotel before refueling with breakfast. This afternoon, get acquainted with old town ReykjavIk on a walking tour with a local guide to see the harbor, city hall, the Parliament building, and the nearby cathedral dating back to 1796. Gather with your fellow travelers at a popular restaurant for dinner featuring Icelandic cuisine. This evening, take an adventurous northern lights cruise** and sail into the darkness of FaxaflOi Bay in search of the aurora borealis.*
Day 3ReykjavikTravel the Golden Circle this morning to experience natural wonders, including the explosive Geysir thermal area and the double-cascade Gullfoss waterfall. You'll also experience the famous Thingvellir National Park, where you'll stand upon the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. In the afternoon, stop at the Lava Exhibition Center and delve into Iceland's past and present volcanic eruptions. Afterward, witness Seljalandsfoss, a rushing waterfall where you may walk behind the water for unique views from the inside out before continuing onto VIk. Drive, or venture on foot, into the stillness of rural Iceland in search of the northern lights. You'll enjoy three nights of searching to increase your likelihood of catching a glimpse of these elusive lights.*
Day 4VikBegin your day with journey to Reynisfjara, a volcanic sandy beach surrounded by basalt formations and home to thousands of nesting sea birds. Look out over the natural rock formations at DyrhOlaey, a small peninsula of volcanic origin towering over the ocean. Next, visit the SkOgar Museum and discover its turf-built homes and artifacts. Afterward, stand in awe before the impressive SkOgafoss waterfall, one of Iceland's biggest and most beautiful waterfalls. Cap off your day with a visit to SOlheimajOkull Glacier, Iceland's fourth largest glacier. After dinner, gaze at the sky in search of the northern lights.*
Day 5VikThis morning, travel through the area of VatnAjOkul National Park to JOkulsArlOn glacial lagoon and marvel at all the floating icebergs. Explore this extraordinary landscape as you search for seals swimming in cold waters. Enjoy even more breathtaking scenery on your way back to Vik. After dinner, continue searching for the northern lights dancing across the night sky.*
Day 6VikDrive along the south shore towards the Reykjanes Peninsula. Known for its rugged landscape, lava fields, and numerous hot springs, the peninsula is home to the Blue Lagoon. Take a dip in the warm, mineral-rich waters of the geothermal pool, located in the heart of a dramatic lava field. Return to ReykjavIk for your farewell dinner and overnight stay.
Day 7ReykjavikDepart for home with many incredible memories of your time in Iceland.

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Centerhotel Plaza - Reykjavik, Iceland
Hotel DyrhOlaey - Vik, Iceland
Centerhotel Plaza - Reykjavik, Iceland
* NOTE: Tour prices are land only rates based on per person, double occupancy. Some dates may feature various changes in hotels, sightseeing and inclusions. Please confirm your specific itinerary at the time of booking. Government taxes and fees are additional. Land rates are guaranteed at time of deposit. Certain taxes and fees are to be paid upon exiting the country in local currencies.
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  • Iceland's Magical Northern Lights

    Experience the "land of fire and ice" and chase the aurora borealis across an ethereal wonderland. In the dark of the night, search for the northern lights as you drift along on an evening starlit cruise.

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