Gateway to the Holy Land, Haifa is our port for a visit to an unrivalled assembly of biblical treasures: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, picturesque Nazareth, on the Sea of Galilee, sacred places to Christians, Muslems, and Jews. Discover the Wailing Wall, walk where the three kings once rode. Religious history, past and present, meet here in this ancient and stirring part of the world.



  • GLOBUS 2021: Fascinating Israel (QC)

    From the seemingly miraculous waters of the Dead Sea to Cana of Galilee where Jesus is said to have performed his first miracle of turning water into wine-this fascinating tour of Israel is full of incredible sights, scenery, and stories.

  • GLOBUS 2021: Israel & Wonders of Jordan (QCE)

    Scenes from Scripture, scenes of the desert, and even scenes from the movies await on this historical and biblical tour of Israel and Jordan.

  • GLOBUS: Israel & Jordan Escape (KQE)

    See Israel and Jordan on this guided tour of the historic Middle East, and enjoy shorter travel time, fewer crowds, and lower costs than the busy travel season.

  • Israel and Jordan

    On this multi-dimensional journey through Jordan and Israel, explore historical and cultural connections that define modern day life; in Israel travel from Tel Aviv to the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem, and into Jordan to the Dead Sea, Petra and more.




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