From the sea level perspective of an authentic Silversea Expedition cruise, Arctic Circle wonders are at their most magnificent. Discover towering snow-capped mountains and glacier-filled bays. Spot polar bears prowling the shores. Observe vast colonies of seabirds nesting among coastal cliffs and walrus snuggled together for a snooze.

Monaco's Prince Albert I explored the Svalbard Archipelago in the early part of the last century to study glaciers, map previously unknown areas and carry out scientific research. One hundred years later, Prince Albert II, his great-great-grandson and the namesake of Silversea's expedition ship, plotted a similar course for an Arctic Circle cruise with the intent to draw international attention to the effects of global warming in these northern regions. The purpose-built Prince Albert II pays homage to these two great men with its luxurious Arctic Circle cruises.


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